HiES Tech s.r.o.





Custom hardware and firmware development
We have more than 20 years experience with hardware and firmware development on platforms:  8b, 16b, 32b, ARM etc. Main applications are e.g.:
- battery powered desings
- FW upgrade in field
- layout complexity, impedance matching, USB3.0, LAN, PCIe...
- robust FW, dual FW image
- zero current discharge connected battery when the device is in stock
- serial numbers, factory settings
- Wifi communication (JSON, HTML, JAVA...)
- stepping motor control
- linear motor control
- detektors
- temperature regulation
- 9DOF stabilization
- telematics, RF, RS422,485, CAN, I2C, LAN...

Software development for MS Windows® and mobile Android platforms
- custom application development for OS Windows® and for Android mobile platform
- testing SW for jigs or any testing platform (logging, S/N, testing, calibration, factory default settings...)
- data import/export, application for data conversion
- SQL database offline/online
- graphical design developed for every application using inteligent skins
- IO communication with any periphery (USB, LAN, COM, RS422/485/232, GPIO, I2C...)
- internet access, data synchronization
- multilanguage application support
- protection of the applicaion agains unauthorized persons access
- HW control from any mobile devicce by using of Webserver application
- Wifi Direct access support
- HW with the latest and reliable ARM 32b IoT