Bio.Gen smashing of patogens

Bio.Gen is a generator of electrical pulses, that easily smash patogens by means of the electrovibrational excitemens. All the process is based on the resonant frequency of various patogens e.g. as stated on the research of Dr. Clark. High efficiency of the device is guaranteed by testing for several years.

Easy handling

Bio.Gen can be connected to any computer with operation system Windows® per USB cable. It is just enought to put the patogen name into the application and the exact frequency generation will be started. Selected patogens can be easily stored into favorite list, not to search them again next day after powering up the device. Comfort and the simplicity of the handling is the priority of the device. Bio.gen does not include any component that will have to be bought all the time like batteries etc.

Space-saving design

Bio.Gen is optimized for its size and usefulness, so that is the most pratical device. It is very space saving, imediatelly ready for next usage. Cable length is optimized for the maximum efficiency of the device and also for easy connected sensors.

Easy patogen search in the database

BioGen applicatoin is a free application included in the device pacakage. It includes an common patogen database, that can be easily additionaly expanded or changed. Application is designed for the maximal easiness with very easy manipulation. Selected patogen can be easily find by means of search button. Signal generation can be started immediately as soon as the patogen is selected. Selected patogen can be also stored into favorite list. Selected patogen can be also searched on the internet just by clicking on the internet icon. Internet explorer will be automaticaly opened with searched results.

Ideal for more users

Bio.Gen application is ideal for more users. Every user can store its favorite list of patogens that uses every day. User does not need to search them every time the device is switched on.

Universal sensors

Bio.Gen can be used with various sensors. Cylindrical sensors are already included in the device package. Sensors provide optimal connection for the bio-rezonance signal.

All you need is in the package
Bio.Gen device package contains all what is necessary. After opening the package the device is able to work out of the box. Nothing has to be additionaly bought. Pakcage includes also the USB cable connecting Bio.Gen device with the computer. Package is designed to be used for often and safe storage of the device.

How it works

Example of patogen elimination. Picture 1 shows the state before the Bio.Gen application and on the picture 2 is its eliminated form after Bio.Gen application by means of bio-resonant frequency. Remaining eliminated parts will be cleaned up by white blood cells and removed out of the human body.
Bio.Gen Vir patogen

Patogen elimination example in a group. Picture 1 shows the state before Bio.Gen application by means of bio-resonant frequency and on the picture 2 is the form after elimination.
Bio.Gen Vir patogen