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... Your GPS logger

HiGPS unit

HiGPS logger is an expansion to the HiLOG unit. HiGPS unit stores all start gps coordinates of the model including all the trajectories of all flights. HiGPS unit saves automatically the pilot name, who pilots the model. This is sensed either from the ppm signal from receiver if connected, or thanks to the connected PilotID key. HiGPS can distinguish between the test flight and the working flight. Big internal memory 4GB ensures several years of stored gps data. HiGPS supports also model weight value due to the flying authority license requirement. Thanks to the HiGPS connection to the HiLOG unit, it is very easy to print out complete model logbook incl. gps start coordinates of flight and the pilot name.

PilotID is a professional pilot key.

PilotID is pilot key saving all the pilots flying hours provided on all machines. All machines must be equipped with the HiGPS unit, so that pilot is able to connect is own PilotID key. PilotID key keeps all the information about pilot name, contact, all the pilot licenses given from the Civil Aviation Authority and stores all the flight data from every flight. PilotID stores information’s like datum and time of every flight, GPS coordinates of the start, model weight and type etc. It is very easy to export all the flight records from the computer application for HiGPS at the end.

... Your RC model`s logbook

How many hours have you been flying with your model?

HiLOG archives all your model`s flights autonomously during all of its lifetime. You do not need to concern yourself with anything. Upon connecting the device to a computer, you can display all of the flights and their details. Detailed and accurate times and dates for years – in a moment, in a nutshell.
HiLOG recognizes when it is switched on and performs time measurement during all flight or driving modes. It also recognizes when a model is just switched on for a moment and no flight has been done. This intelligent function refines the monitoring of powering batteries – in such cases, no discharge flight cycle is subtracted.

Order in batteries.
Know the exact count of discharge cycles!

Using the HiBAT identifier, it is possible to put all your batteries in order. You know the exact number of discharge cycles of each battery..

Order named HiBAT

Each battery that is equipped with HiBAT identifier is stored in a detailed database of all batteries. This database contains various information – when a battery was flown with, in which model, the number of its discharge cycles, etc.
Each HiBAT contains complete information about battery type, charging parameters and about the battery owner. It is possible to enter contact details of an owner, which is helpful e.g. in case of accidental swapping of batteries with other modelers or in case of its loss. A honest finder can return the battery to the owner listed in the contact details.
A handy battery cable holder provides for fixing HiBAT by a 2,5 mm strap. HiBAT can be placed anywhere on the battery power supply cable. The user can place HiBAT in any convenient position that facilitates connecting to the HiLOG unit. The device is connected to the HiLOG unit via BatLink cable with a servo connector. It can be plugged into HiBAT in any way.

Elegant design
No maintenance needed. Silent operation.

The smart and maintenance-free operation makes HiLOG a reliable brain and heart of your model.
Operator error is eliminated. Just install – and enjoy your flying for years!
The only prerequisite for detailed evidence of batteries by HiBAT is connecting the HiBAT to HiLOG via black cable before each flight or battery change.

Real-time clock
Evidence of flights – dead on time.

The real-time clock is a heart of HiLOG. The clock knows exactly what date and time it is, even when the model is switched off. This feature enables HiLOG to recognize leap years and it is not necessary to make any special settings. When used in different timezones, automatic synchronization with computer time can be done via micro USB connection.
Every flight is tracked and recorded dead on time, including time spent in normal flight or in acrobatic mode, which is more demanding as to the energy consumed from power batteries.

Giant inner memory
Years and years of logged history is a dream of every model builder.

HiLOG has a giant inner memory – 4 GB. Every flight detail is stored in this memory – forever. Even in case of 100 extreme flights per day, the capacity of the memory is sufficient for storing over 20 years of history!

Motion sensor
It knows what`s up.

The motion sensor recognizes when the model is static and does not consume any energy from power battery. It also knows when the model flies and what kind of flight it is. It recognizes three kinds of motion: normal flight, acrobatic flight or extreme flight. Based on the time spent in each flight mode, it is able to evaluate the usage intensity and treatment of power batteries.

Model statistics in computer database
Easy statistics and overview of models in your computer.

A model builder can extract a detailed list of flights, either for the total lifeline of the model or for a single time period. He knows which batteries are used in a model and how long has he been flying with them.
Aren`t you interested in how many hours have you been flying during the past season? Or the total number of pilot hours of the model and its age?
You can compare the number of flights in different seasons and determine the activity of a model/model builder during different flights.

Battery statistics in computer database

A detailed overview of batteries in the database.

The battery database provides unique information not only about battery discharge cycles, but also about how each specific battery was treated.
In addition to the exact number of discharge cycles, the remaining cycles until the end of battery`s life can be determined as well. The model builder can easily determine, how long will the battery last.
Thanks to the detailed documentation of models and batteries you have an exact information about which models was a specific battery used in, when was it used and how.

Statistics of the number of hours spent on the model
How long did the construction last? How much time and money were spent during the repairs?

The database of the model history can be also used to record details like the number of hours spent during the construction or repairs of a specific model. Costs of purchasing, repairs or tuning of a model can be also recorded.. You can easily get a detailed overview of total demands of a specific model regarding working time as well as total costs spent.
This statistics also enables determining detailed information, like how long has a specific part last in the model and how many pilot hours have been spent with this part. Thus, the model builder can buy only proven and reliable parts of good quality and long operating life.

Career of a model builder
Do you know how many models and batteries have you had in your life?

A unique recording system of all models and batteries provides the model builder with perfect overview of all activities. Do you want to find out how many hours have you been flying only with helicopters during the past season? Now this (and not only this!) is possible.
Unlimited statistical evaluation of stored data! All the necessary data from the database can be easily exported to formats for external processing in Microsoft® Excel and other applications. A model builder can easily create diagrams, charts and presentation in external applications outside HiLOG, with the absolute precision of the recorded data.

Easily transferrable to other models
The model „died“! What now? HiLOG reincarnates itself!

HiLOG can be easily used with another new model if the old one has already served out. Just move it to the new model, connect to computer and reset it in the application. Provide the basic details about the new model – and you can start flying right away.

Can be used also for older RC models

Keep track of your older model from the moment of installation!

HiLOG can be easily installed also to an older RC model. Set the estimated pilot time and the number of flights you have done with the model so far. From this moment on, you will be able to track all data. The total number of starts and total pilot time for the whole operating time of the model will be displayed automatically by HiLOG.

Technical specifications

Dimensions: 21 x 37 x 13 mm
Supply voltage: 4 - 6 V
Supply current: 44 mAmax / 30 mAnom
Temperature range: - 20°C + 50°C
Weight: 18 g / 0.63 oz
Max. number of HiBATs connected: 8 ks
Movement sensor: 8G max ( X, Y, Z)
Rx voltage measurement 0 – 6V
Memory: 4GB
Length of the Rx cable: 23 cm / 9.06 in
Length of the BatLink cable: 21 cm / 8.28 in
PPM signal: 1,5 ms ± 500 us / 20 ms frame




Quick Guide

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  HiLOG Quick guide   HiLOG_QuickGuide_1.0_en.pdf
  HiLOG Device Manual   HiLOG_device_manual_1.12_en.pdf
  HiLOG Application Manual      HiLOG_application_manual_1.2_en.pdf
  Transmitter setting e.g. for T12-FG   Transmitter_settings_for_HiLOG.pdf
  HiLOG Firmware   hilog_fw_app_1.12.zip
Windows Application:    
  HiLOG Application   hilog_sw_app_1.2.zip

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